Hap Ki Do

Founded by Yong Sool Choi, who was born in Korea but raised in Japan where he learned "Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu, Yong Sool Choi created Hapkido, which emphasizes the use of joint locks, strikes and nerve attacks to neutralize an opponent"

Hap Ki Do is a self-defense based martial art, which incorporates a numerous of methods that will help overpower any attacker through: striking, jointing, throws, take downs, and weapons defense. Having been heavenly rooted in traditional techniques and philosophy, Hap Ki Do has modernized as a culture and an influence to martial arts such as mixed martial arts. To fully understand the true meaning of Hap Ki Do it’s important that one understands that: “Hap” means harmony, unity, coordination, together, or concentrated; “Ki” means energy and inner power or cosmic force; “Do” means art, way of, achieve, or execute. Combined into “The Way of Harmonizing Energy.

From the average civilian to the world’s elite military and police office, they all train in Hapkido for self-protection. For instance, a U.S. Army Rangers also does Jiu-Jitsu, Navy Seals learn everything from kick boxing to Filipino weapons, the Korean Marines practice Tae kwon do, and the Israeli defense forces train in Krav Maga. Hapkido draws from the best of these and provides the well-rounded training you need in any situation.

Studies have proven martial arts training to be an incredibly effective workout. Health researchers have discovered that martial arts has psychological and spiritual benefits, defends against aging, and practitioners are much more fit than the average person.